Cosco Iberia Awarded

From May 25th to 26th, COSCO SHIPPING attended the 12nd Breakbulk Europe Conference in Antwerp.

Twelve subsidiaries of COSCO EUROPE attended European Marketing Conference and Breakbulk Conference.

COSCO SHIPPING awarded four oversea agents who made huge contributions for cargo canvassing. These four agents are COSCO IBERIA S.A., COSFIM, COSCO BELGIUM N. A., and COSCO UK.

COSCO IBERIA S.A. had significant achievements on wind power equipment marketing to canvass more than 400,000 freight tons cargo, which was almost 5 times than last year amounts. In recent years, with the help of COSCO IBERIA S.A., COSCO SHIPPING has established a good cooperation relationship with main wind power equipment manufacturers.

Besides, COSCO IBERIA S.A. spared great efforts to adjust COSCO SHIPPING‟s cargo source structure and backhaul efficiency by canvassing more than 1.5 million freight tons cargo.

2016 European Marketing Conference Prize Announcement as follow:

COSCO Iberia played home court advantage over the years. It assisted us to carve out a path toward successful wind-power business, and also, it built the image of COSCO Shipping as the carrier that provides “Technical Help to Exporters”. This Company has been constantly writing new chapters on the stage of wind-power transportation: two consecutive years‟ speedy increases in freight volume, widespread business covering COSCO SHIPPING‟s whole international freight network, and valuable customers with highly cooperative prospects. All these lead us to have an evergreen business of wind power transportation.

Cosco Iberia Awarded Cosco Iberia Awarded